Thursday, May 3, 2012

Steamin' Along

 With an email from Karly at Bikeology to propell us along, my daughter Jackie and I made the final decisions as to the Steam Punk Ride on June 24th, the starting point, the end point, the route itself and any prizes to be given out.

 Generous assistance was provided by Darrell over at Sanctuary and CITY TV has offered to advertise the Steam Punk Ride on their version of a Community Events Calendar.  I'm hoping to convince their Promotions Co-ordinator to give us some swag to hand out as well.  Jackies' company Golden Lady Wholistics has offered prizing as well!

 Never having arranged a Steam Punk Ride, we chose a route that will not only take us along an old railway and across a spectacular railway bridge but will also take us past an old abandoned brewery that has a definite industrial look to it.  So some steam and some punk.

 The ride starts off at Sanctuary Curio Shoppe where the owner, Darrell has offered to open his store early for those who need to embellish their Steam Punk look and the ride will take us to Winston Churchill Square where we can all parade around in our far-out get-ups and our fantastic machines.  It is there that we plan to hand out prizes for the best bike, best outfit and best spirit (and anything else we can dream up!).

 June is Bike Month in our fine city and our hope is to offer up something a little different and smart - the route does end at the Clever Rabbit after all.


  1. Oh no! That only leaves a little less than two months for me to procrastinate prepping a bike.