Friday, May 11, 2012

The Potato Run

In a phone conversation with Roy (the intrepid bikepacker), we decided that instead of cycling the Kettle Valley Railway this summer, we would pedal the abandoned rail beds of Idaho which aren't that much farther away from southern British California.
Idaho Rail Trails probably look like this

We don't have much information about their trails but we figure that we can manage.  Looking at photos on the web, the trails look very similar to the ones we have ridden for the last five years.  I guess railroad engineering is the same where ever you are.  Creating a 2% grade through a mountain pass or through a valley is the same on either side of the border.

Perhaps we'll come across old mining towns that have a particular abandoned charm.  The trouble with these towns is that they are picturesque but have no services - like the one pictured above.  We were very much looking forward to having lunch there.  If I'm not mistaken, the place was called Coaldale and after cruising its quiet streets, we had to cycle six miles further up the trail to Tulameen where we were offered fish and chips without the chips!

Without a doubt, we'll have good times on the trail and enjoy every evening meal after a long day of pedaling and I'll leave it to Roy to choose a fine red wine to go with our "Hungry Mountain Man Mexican Spicy Chili".  Then by eight o'clock it'll be time for me to go to bed.

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