Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh Joy!

Even when training for a bike tour, there is still time to stop and small the roses - or in this case, the delicate pink flowers growing on a plant next to the bike path.
Smells good!
Ah!  The aroma of melted sugar and the underlying bakery scents wafting across the road from a grocery store's kitchen.  I could swear the I could small bacon and eggs as I passed one house on the eastern leg of my trip.
One of my favorite trees
When I see this tree I often stop to admire its symmetry - on closer inspection the branches are randomly placed yet seen from afar, their disorder turns to order.  To me, there is something African in the shape of this deciduous splendor.

An energizing snack of "Horse Chow"
Stopping in the scenic river valley near the paddle wheeler, I pulled out what I call "Horse Chow" which is simply oatmeal, oil, lemon juice and raisins.  This recipe was created by Scott Nearing and after working up a huge appetite - to quote from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar "A dish fit for Gods!"
Out on the river
While munching on my oat dish, I caught the rare sight of an old motorboat whose slow progress against the current gave me plenty of time to stop and "Smell the Roses".

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