Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Friends

While out on my bike yesterday for another training ride, I got to thinking about my bike and the assorted cycling gear that I use to cycle.

It was looking at my gloved hands that sent me down that path of thinking.  My gloves are an old pair of AuClairs that don't cause any numbness in my hands when I'm on a long trip.  I have other gloves (read newer) but this pair I choose over and over.
Ratty old gloves
My Spiderflex seat which I figure has over 10,000 miles on it, is still the most comfortable seat I have ever ridden.  Other cyclists never fail to mention it's unusual shape and I've recommended it to I don't know how many people.
Look at that hairy arm in the above picture!
Even though my cycling shoes are shot, I still figure I can get another year or so out of them.  Maybe my feet are widening, but this year I have found some cramping while wearing these very narrow shoes.  Looking at the soles, I can see how the heels are worn down and it's a wonder that the SPD cleats fit into their respective clipless pedals.
Worn but still working
Just like old friends, my gloves, shoes and seat are very familiar and I know all their faults, their dog - eared appearance and their very comfortable feel.  Their comfort add immeasurable joy to the fine sport of cycling.

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