Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Some would think that as a bike mechanic, all of my bikes would be in top condition and perfectly maintained.  Such is not the case as we speak (so to speak).  Here's the state of the nation:

"Furry Lewis"  is in pieces as I wrestle with the stubborn headset that won't go back together.  Last year, before the MS Mountain Tour, I took it into United Cycle to get a pro mechanic to solve the problem.  In an effort to make the bike weigh sub thirty, I had purchased a used suspension fork and that's when the problems started.

The MOAB is on the repair stand as I swap out parts from it to get "Furry" up and running for commuting.  The MOAB wasn't shifting worth a s**t and I had the brilliant idea of riding my most loyal bike to and from work.  Things like the mirror, the headlight, handlebar bag etc. need to be changed over.

The fun ride that "Foldey Hawn" offered turned to disappointment when I pedalled part way down the driveway and discovered a rear flat.  It was only a week ago that I had fixed the rear tire.  I'm wondering if someone in my neighbourhood is peppering the roads with sharp objects.

The 1963 Triumph, after having its tires pumped, proved to be almost fine as I rode it to a couple of garage sales this morning.  The second gear seems to be missing as the pedals spin freely whenever I shift into that gear.  I'll have to get the Raving Bike Fiend to show me how to fix it.
1963 Triumph

The tandem needs some work on the handlebars and my wife (the stoker) is convinced that there is something wrong with the shifting.  I think it is more that she might be a tad out of shape.  I'm just sayin'.  Plus its rear tire is flat after a short ride around the neighbourhood.
The tandem

The Proctor Townsend which is the bike I plan to use on the MS Bike Tour is operating just fine and it will just take some getting used to since it has the drop down handlebars and skinny skinny tires.  While all my other bikes need some loving care, cycling to work on the P.T. has cut my commute by 10 minutes.  I'd say the cup is half full.

The Proctor Townsend


  1. Ah, nice fleet.

    It's an unfortunate truth that the more bikes you have, the more time you have to spend maintaining them.One might think that with more bikes each one would get ridden less and and require less maintenance (I once thought that). Still, it's all in fun, right?

    Foldey is a Dahon V? I rode one of those for a few weeks. It was a fun bike but a little on the rickety side. Twice, while mashing up out of the river valley, the downtube-like strut came unattached from the headtube causing a case of spontaneous folding. That was disconcerting.

  2. You bet it's a Dahon V. I love riding it and I haven't experienced any folding while riding! Thankfully!!

    I rode the Proctor Townsend on a training ride yesterday and the Triumph today to work. Since it is 20+ outside right now, I'm looking forward to the ride home...