Friday, May 18, 2012

Rainy Day, Dream Away

Rainy Day
Dream Away
Let the Sun
Take A Holiday

Those were the lyrics to a Jimi Hendrix song running through my head as I biked to work this morning.

When I awoke at 5:30 and got up to look out the bedroom window at a soggy landscape, I grabbed a cup of black plasma and went back to bed.  While I sipped the hot coffee a debate raged in my mind as to the merits of taking the bus or riding in the rain.  The only reason for the debate was not knowing if I had at home the cycling gear for wet weather.

  Last night after watching two episodes of Gray's Anatomy and taking the puppy we're babysitting out for a walk, it seemed that it was time for bed.  Let the decisions as where all my gear is wait until the morn.  That's why, after slurping the hot brew, I could be found wearing my Tikka Plus on my forehead and searching around for my cycling rain jacket, cycling pants, mittens, boot covers and helmet rain cover.  My thinking was that if I could find all those things then I would ride.  If my scratching around was unsuccessful, then I would have to look for three dollars and then take the bus.

Luckily I found all the gear without waking up my wife who often complains about being woken up by the searchlight intensity of the Tikka Plus as I get dressed in the very dark bedroom in the morning.

Which meant that by 6:08, I was on the road and while I found the wind cold on my neck, I did bask in the warmth that my Sugoi shoe covers provided my little feet.  I was feeling so contented that the rest of the Hendrix song echoed through my mind.

Lay Back and
Groove on a Rainy Day...

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