Monday, June 3, 2013

The Cheap Cyclist

An item in one of the Lisbon guidebooks mentions free bike rentals (an oxymoron?) available on a first come first serve basis.  Apparently there is a dilapidated shack on the waterfront that offers free bikes but it all sounds rather sketchy.  All the more reason to check it out.
Looks safe to me - even fun!

In the section of the guidebook that refers to getting around, here's what it says about cycling: "Lisbon's streets are unfriendly to cyclists, with cobbles, tyre-trapping tram lines and bad driving." Just like in London, I'll probably play it safe and cycle through parks and along boardwalks.  My co-workers need me too much for me to risk harm to myself and God forbid miss some work!

Damn tram rails!

On the first day that my wife is scheduled to work, I'll get up early to make sure she is up and has the bathroom all to herself so she can be ready to have breakfast and have plenty of time to eat it before her meetings.  Once she's out the door, I'll be racing down to the waterside shack to get one of those free bikes maybe even push some dawdlers out of the way and then I can bike my way to new and cheap, interesting adventures.  What we call pootling and the Lisbon guidebook describes as "Pootering".

Bumpity bump on the cobbles

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