Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bike Day

Tomorrow my wife goes to work so I have the whole day to find a bike and ride around this old city.  My plan is to go to the western area (near where famous explorers departed for distant lands), find the bike shack and ride a 20 km. section of bike paths along the River Tagus which Lisboans pronounce as Tie - Oosh.
Where explorers departed

We met a local named Galan who had a striking resemblance to Bilbo Baggins and he suggested that I ride a bus to Costa Caparica where the Atlantic beaches are lined with bike trails. It all sounds great as we stand talking to him under the monstrous statue of Jesus Christ that dominates the south bank of the river.

Galan look-alike

But I have a plan in mind - I'm determined to find an obscure statue that our Secret Guidebook states is behind a famous bakery.  We visited the landmark yesterday but couldn't get near because of the crowds.  The statue is in "Salted Earth Alley" supposedly behind the bakery and I figure that on a bike, I'll stand a better chance of finding this spot that eluded us while on foot.  I'll stop local residents and show them the picture in the guidebook and they'll point to where I need to ride.  In theory anyway.
Elusive statue
If all else fails and there are no bikes to be had or the locals run screaming from my open guidebook, I know that I can always pop into the bakery and have one of those famous custard tarts.  It will be a Monday morning and most of the locals will be heading off to work while I play!

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