Friday, June 28, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

A light rain had given the roads and sidewalks a lustrous sheen and the mud puddles reflected our unusual outfits and our decorated bikes as my daughter Jackie and I waited at Sanctuary Curio Shoppe for other SteamPunk enthusiasts to show up.

We waited outside the store for a long while before we decided that we were going to be the only two cyclists to brave the wet streets.  Before we mounted our SteamPunk bikes to begin the ride, we awarded all the prizes to ourselves.  Jackie won a posh set of goggles for having the best dressed up bike and I won the much coveted CITY TV prized pack for best moustache.  I awarded Jackie the valuable Sanctuary gift card for the biggest hair and she presented me with a coupon for sound and light therapy from Golden Lady Wholistics just for showing up.

When we turned onto Whyte Avenue we nearly fell off our bikes in surprise at the crowds that lined both sides of the Avenue to witness the 2013 SteamPunk bike ride.  My face hurt after six blocks of smiling and my right arm began to go numb from waving to the mass of citizens wanting to see us ride.  Jackie was laughing the whole way.

We got a break from the multitudes when we crossed over the High Level Bridge and in my joy, the bridge itself appeared to be hundreds of feet higher as it spanned the glacial blue waters of the North Saskatchewan.

The sidewalks along Jasper Avenue were lined with brightly coloured barricades to keep the throngs of well - wishers in check so that we could pedal our way to City Hall without delay where the Mayor was waiting to hand us the keys to the city and proclaim this day as Edmonton SteamPunk Day.  We had so many ticker tape streamers hanging from us that we looked like Cousin It from the Adams family.

Jackie in her excitement kept ringing the brass bell on her handlebars BURR-RRINGG! BURR-RING!!  The loud sound startled me and when I looked over to her I saw what looked like red digital numbers flickering in her place.  They said 5:30.  Just another work day.

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