Friday, June 7, 2013

Here In Lisboa

Here in Lisboa, I wanted to see people on their bikes and riding a hop-on, hop-off tour bus was an excellent method of covering the whole city and watching cyclists in their element.

The cobbled streets

In spite of the negative advice given by our guidebook, I saw many people riding their mountain bikes, folding bikes and road bikes on the cobbled streets, across the slippery tram rails and alongside bad drivers (laying on the horn is quite accepted).
In the older section of town

Like other cities that have paths along the waterfront (Toronto comes to mind), I expected a phalanx of cyclists yet there were way more people jogging the route than cycling the river trails. 
Suburban joggers

In fairness, the joggers were running in a suburban area but when we were ambling about in the older, historic areas, that’s when we came across most cyclists.  Some were togged out in Spandex but most were wearing street clothes and one lady was pumping away in her stilettos, holding her stylish black dress in a modest fashion.
Not the stylish lady mentioned above

With the fine weather and the up and down San Francisco-like hills, who could blame the cyclists for wanting to pedal their way through the most interesting part of this fine city?

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