Sunday, June 23, 2013

SteamPunk 2013

My daughter reminded me last night that the SteamPunk bike ride that we are supposed to organize is this coming Tuesday.  “This Tuesday?  I thought it was on Thursday!!  Holy S**T!!” was my response (actually it was a little saltier than that).

This Tuesday?

The news didn’t catch me totally by surprise, I just thought I had more time to design an outfit and fancy up my bike.  Jackie has already arranged with our main sponsor – Sanctuary,  to have their store open for us and to allow us to congregate on their property.  For my part, I’ve convinced our Promotions Coordinator Sarah to put a number of choice CITY TV promotional items into a prize pack for Jackie and me to give away.

For the bike, I’ve chosen Foldey Hawn to be my ride this time.  Last year it was the English Triumph three speed which I decorated with brass candle holders in the shape of trumpets and a gothic looking birdcage with the Stanley Cup trapped inside.  The frame was wrapped in an Alberta road map and I assembled an outfit that was a combination of Clockwork Orange and a bowler-wearing lumberjack.


My own Sir Stanley

After last year’s ride, and inspired by some of the other entrants, I visited a nearby dollar store and bought some weird water guns that I intend to “antique” and strap onto the bike as though they were some sort of atomic energy producing machines.  My company was throwing out old broadcasting equipment so I snagged some circuit boards to randomly attach to the bike.  Guaranteed to be peculiar.

For wardrobe, I have a pith helmet my twin brother sent me after a lot of nagging, a funky army surplus water bottle a dear friend gave me years ago, a tan safari shirt with epaulettes from a thrift store and welding goggles I impulsively grabbed at an auto supply shop.  What I’ll wear below the belt remains to be seen.  Maybe black vinyl pants that Corey at Sanctuary will convince me complement my eccentric and hastily thrown together SteamPunk outfit.  If I’m lucky, she’ll want to take precise measurements of my inseam and maybe lean in close to wrap a tape measure around my waistline and...




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