Sunday, October 14, 2012

Whatcha Gunna Do?

Both my daughter Jackie and I finished mountain biking the MS Mountain Tour in record time (for us!).  This year we shaved two hours off of our first tour - not bad considering that we both had taken spills and that Jackie's bike had suffered some damage.  My own spill happened when descending a very steep gully and my front wheel hit a thick root causing my bike to come to a dead stop - except for the rear of my bike which went over my head causing me to end up on my back with the bike on top of me.  Luckily no harm no foul.

The big problem was how and where to get her bike fixed and still drive from Jasper to the Okanagan and be ready to cycle the Kettle Valley Railway the next day.  The mechanics from United Cycle worked on her bike enough to keep her on the trail but their repairs wouldn't be able to handle all the weight once she put all her camping gear onto her bike and began a multi-day bike-packing excursion.

Since we were staying at a cute log cabin in Jasper, it made sense to stop in town and see if the bike shop there could handle fixing her rear wheel.  They didn't have all the parts needed.  What to do?

Jasper Bike Shop

While we drove south along the Icefield Parkway, Jackie called ahead to a bike shop in Revelstoke....

Damaged bike being wheeled in at Revelstoke
Like I discovered last year when we camped in Midway, you can't judge towns and cities by what you see from the highway.  Strip malls, fast food joints and gas stations do not a community make.  Spin off the highway and you'll discover a lovely place that the residents are proud to call home.  Revelstoke is no different.

While Al, a downtown bike mechanic made a new wheel for Jackie, we spent a lovely two hours browsing through the old buildings and the flower - basket - lined streets.  Lunch was in a pub whose furniture was made from skis and snowboards and my wife bought me a poster sized satellite photo of Southern British California. 

I even got to do one of my favourite things.  Having an afternoon nap on the back seat of the car - lulled to sleep by the sounds emanating from the nearby rail yard.

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