Saturday, October 6, 2012

Inclementally Inclined

Even though I was unprepared to cycle home from work the other day, it took only one look outside at the crappy weather to make me decide to pedal home.  I like crummy weather for a number of reasons: makes me feel manly, the fair weather weenies are off the streets and I'll feel like I earned that glass of red wine that I'm bound to consume upon my arrival.
Being unprepared meant that instead of Spandex cycling shorts, I would be wearing my cotton Carhartt shorts, a cotton t-shirt and my yellow cycling jacket that no longer repells water.  My booties were still at home so that guaranteed that my feet would get wet and having no rear fender assured a muddy stripe down my back.

Since I was organized enough to wear clear sunglasses, the stinging rain lashing my face offered no hardship and my vision was sharp.  Sharp enough to spot the huge lake that had developed on the side of the road.  The strong headwind prevented me from steering quickly enough to avoid the tsunami wave that engulfed my whole body when a delivery truck swooshed into that body of water.  Luckily, I was riding on the bike path that followed the road and didn't have to worry about veering into traffic.

When you're halfway home, it's a quandry deciding to continue on or to turn back and seek another form of transportation.  My ankles were numb,  I couldn't feel my hands and my legs had turned a pasty white colour.  The thought of a hot shower followed by that glass of Okanagan red is what got me the rest of the way home and I was glad when I got there that no one was home to witness my blueish, naked body hurtling through the house heading for the shower.  (After pouring a glass of red).  So much for cycling in bad weather


  1. Cycling in adverse conditions DOES make one feel virtuous. Your closing image is...colourful.

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favourite images - and one I spotted when looking into one of the pockets on my pannier.

  2. Glad you didn't get too cold (i.e. hypothermic)! I've had a similar wet experience in the past and now keep a spare rain jacket at work for such occasions. Although I rarely need it, it comes in handy once or twice a year (some may say a waste of a jacket, but it is a cheap one).