Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SATSIHWGBTRBF (Sturmey Archer Three Speed Internal Hub Workshop Given By The Raving Bike Fiend)

Just the name of this bicycle mechanic course is a mouthful. And the workshop was conducted by someone who calls himself the Raving Bike Fiend.  However, as volunteer mechanics, we are called upon to service three speed internal hubs and since Sturmey Archer is the largest manufacturer of internal hubs, it was important to attend a workshop dealing with this fine mechanical device.

The Raving Bike Fiend
We all met at BikeWorks North - the new north-side-of-the-river-community-bike-shop.  Being so new, the interior of the shop is immaculate.  You can literally eat off its clean counters (as I had to when a large chunk of the Hungarian cookie I was munching on fell onto the plywood counter).  BikeWorks South where I volunteer is a much older shop and every surface has a coating of grime from years of spilt oil, dabs of grease and a large dollops of dirt.

Brightly coloured BikeWorks North
Staring at my notes, I'm confused by my stenographic skills:
French bikes have metric threads
Wheel nuts are 26 TPI
Choose 1950's or 1948 SA
Use a short pin if it's a AW 20 Sport

The other mechanics see that I'm taking copious notes and are hopeful that I will post intelligent notes on this blog - saving them from having to remember the fine advice that Keith, the Raving Bike Fiend is dispensing.

My friends Tim, Jim, and Robert suggest that I can scan all my notes and make them available and I think that is a swell idea.  I now have a better idea of how to help patrons that come into the shop with three speed bikes needing repairs and I wish to help my mechanic friends.  I would if I knew how to scan.  Maybe I can attend a workshop called HTINTIHASTSYFCST (How To Interpret Notes Taken In Haste And Scan Them So Your Friends Can Study Them).

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