Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lancing Lance

As a cyclist and a former cancer patient, I wore a LiveStrong bracelet from the moment they became available.  Many times I would look at it on my wrist and feel inspired by Mister Armstrong's accomplishments.

For years now I have defended Lance and when people would ask me about his innocence or guilt, I would always defend him.  I was excited to have found a true athlete who had excelled without cheating or lying.  A true hero in my mind.

Yet I've come to the conclusion that Mr. Armstrong is just like so many of today's celebrity sports figures - a fraud.  While he continues to deny any wrongdoing - I don't look forward to the day when he finally admits that he blood doped after lying about it for so long.  Why can't you just admit it Lance and all of us  can move on?

Replacing one wristband for one bracelet

Here is the email I sent Lance Armstrong:

Being a fully recovered cancer patient and a committed cyclist, I am dismayed that you have not come clean about the blood doping which your teammates under oath have testified that you were a participant.

I was inspired for years by your accomplishments and have worn a LiveStrong bracelet since they became available.  I have defended you all that time but now I have taken off the yellow wristband and I have no intention of placing it back on my arm.

In fact, I've thrown it out.

You have disappointed me and other believers,
Adrian Pearce

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