Monday, October 1, 2012

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Our recent bike-packing/adventure cycling trip was the first time I had done a bicycle camping outing with the luxury of having a support vehicle which would meet us every night at a designated campground.

What this meant was that I could bring way more stuff - important stuff we might need on the trail.  Packed in the trunk were 4 disposable lighters (fires can be hard to start), bottles of fuel for the two different stoves I brought along, newspaper for kindling and buried deep in the trunk, a pair of rubber boots (so my feet didn't have to touch gross shower floors?).

Having access to the vehicle every night meant that when it was bed time, I could scrounge through the assorted bags, boxes and crates for sleepwear.  Like a toque, a neck tube, gloves, two pairs of socks, cycling pants with jeans underneath (I had forgotten track pants).

It got so jam packed in the car that my wife Janet declared "Don't buy anything else - there is nowhere to put it!".  Fine.  Until we stopped at a garage sale in Oliver on our one day off and Janet bought a carton of fresh-picked walnuts, Jackie found an MSR Hubba Hubba tent for 15 bucks.  I bought 2 small books and a VHS of Dante's Peak (my cycling friend Roy and I had just cycled through Enaville, Kellogg and Wallace, Idaho where the movie was filmed).

It is hard to say if I'll have the convenience of a supported bike tour in the near future - I've always imagined that when I'm in my nineties and still cycling for weeks at a time, that's when I'd have a supported bike trip.

It was nice to wash the dishes after every meal in the roasting pan that Janet had packed so that we had everything including the kitchen sink.

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  1. I want to join in an adventure like this. I'm envy with you.

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