Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Training Schedule

Stew reads out the training schedule

As was mentioned in my last blog, Stew Hutchins of United Cycle handed out a training schedule in preparation for the MS Tour.  In years past, I've simply ridden as far and as often as I can to prepare for the tour in June.  Now with this piece of paper, I can follow a training regimen that will allow me to slack off one week before the tour.

Here's how it is going so far:
April 8 - 25 km. @ 20 km./hour  MISSED
April 15 - 30 km.@ 25 km./hour  SNOWING TOO HEAVILY TO TRAIN
April 17 - 50 km. @ unknown speed  COMPLETED

You'll notice that on April 17th (today) that my speed is unknown since I still can't find the magnet to attach to my front spoke so that I can monitor my speed.  I'll have to stop in at Mountain Equipment Co-op and see if I can find one there.

April 22 - 35 km. @ 20 km./hour

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