Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dream. Period.

Cycling home from work everyday, I see an old gaffer (maybe he's a best boy) sitting on a bench outside a 7/11 a few blocks from work.  Not that sitting on a bench is remarkable in of itself, but this gent always has a shopping cart (in England they are called trollies) full of gack.  I've seen old jackets, green garbage bags stuffed to overflowing with ?, a bashed up ghetto blaster, a dirty Teddy Bear and what really caught my attention - a bicycle.

It made me wonder why this dude doesn't use the bicycle on the top of the scavenged load?  Assuming the bike is operable, he might not know that the Bicycle Commuter's Society has programs to help inner city residents fix up their bikes.  Perhaps he's dragging it around the city for a friend who is unable to use it right now.  Could be he is waiting for someone to offer him money for it.

The situation might very well be what my friend Peter suggested " It's like me saving money.  I don't actually buy anything but just knowing I could is enough."  The old gaffer might very well be feeling that just to know that he can ride it is enough.  It's the dream.  Period.

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