Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Sunday So Good To Me

It was an unusual route that I began to plot out in my mind as I began my early Sunday morning training ride.  My rear shifter was acting up and that meant that my lower gears were not available and perhaps it would be best to choose a flatter route.  Besides, I had already decided the night before to go for distance/cadence and not so much for strength training on the hills that a river valley route would entail.

My plan was to do 30 klicks as fast as I could with my pedals turning at 100 RPM.  Without having attached the speedometer/cadence meter, choosing the lowest practical gear (given the rear derailleur troubles) seemed to be the best way to attempt 100RPM.  After the 30 km, it would be lunch at my favourite burger bar before beginning my volunteer shift as a mechanic at BikeWorks.

It must have been my day for windows as the next three shots will attest - the ginger kitty, the strange shape in the rooming house window and my favourite - the warm, inviting, glow emanating from a home in the tony Glenora neighbourhood.
Ginger Kitty
The rooming house
Warm Glenora glow
By noon, with 30 kilometers behind me and my bike securely locked to a concrete picnic table, the delectable aromas of my chosen burger wafting up into my nostrils gave me hope that the remaining 15 km. to home would be a cinch after my shift as a mechanic (and after I took care of that pesky rear derailleur).

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