Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post Apocolypse Dream

I'm outside and maybe it is springtime.  Everything is brown, there's lots of mud and puddles everywhere.  Although it is warm enough for me to be wearing a T-shirt and my mechanic's overalls.  And the setting is very industrial with rusted machinery everywhere.  At one point, I have to go get either a bike tool or a bike part at another location and when I get there, everyone is packing up and putting stuff away.  A certain type of storm is approaching.  Called a skip something - or - other.  I look to the left and I can see a huge boiling black cloud coming toward us.  I leave to go warn all the other people.

As I leave, I have to duck past a brown rabbit that is waiting on a tower of boxes for its owner to take it to safety.  I ride the tandem by myself and am surprised that it can be ridden with only one cyclist.  As I approach a fence, I brake and dismount near a group of men who ask me who had built the elegant wooden structure to my right.  I tell them that the bike co-op has 900 hundred members and maybe only 100 are volunteers and of that 100, I can't say how many were involved in the construction of the buildings.  They are very impressed with the numbers.  Then I wake up.

Last night/this morning, I was filming and event called "Crimes of Adventure" at Bohemia.  It was a photo exhibit of an abandoned industrial site.  A mixture of Polaroid photos and digital prints.  The setting of my dream was in a similar landscape and cycling figures prominently (working on a bike, looking for bike tools, riding the tandem).  A lot of people at the event were familiar to me as they are members of the Bicycle Commuter's Society.  In fact, one of them rode up on her bike just as I drove up in my TV van.  And next to my parking spot were a number of bikes locked to a nearby parking meter.

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