Thursday, August 18, 2016

Those crazy guys!

In the next two weeks I'm taking two very different bikepacking trips. One with my long-time friend Roy and the other with my son Chris.
Roy focused
As serious as Chris gets
Bicycle camping can be a sobering experience in that you must always have your wits about you. There are any number of hazards to contend with - wild animals, rocks falling onto you from tall cliffs, poisonous snakes, ticks etc. We have yet to take a bike trip in the woods when we haven't seen bears.

The above paragraph might lead you to think that our trips are hazardous and not all that much fun. Not so. After riding our bikes all day we set up camp and start sipping some hooch. The thing is, our bodies are still revved up from cycling and the drink doesn't seem to have any effect. So we drink more. That's when things change. For example:


You'll notice there are no silly pictures of me because I am the sensible one of our two different pairs. NOT!