Friday, June 6, 2014

Bike to the Symphony 2014

After months of waiting, tonight is the night when we bike to the symphony.  I'd like to tell you that everything is arranged if I thought you'd believe it. Tell you that my wife has been practising on her own bike.  That our daughter is joining us for this fun ride.

Instead, the reality is that my wife will meet me at the concert hall and my daughter forgot the date and has made other plans.  Even what I'll wear tonight still has to be decided.  A suit?  T-shirt and jeans?  T-shirt for sure since I bought a black tee with a silkscreened impression of a bow tie and a pleated shirt.

I'm still debating as to which bike to ride.  My preference is the Raleigh 20 since it is so spiffy with its chrome fenders.  But I'm worried that the front fender will get crushed when I lock it to the portable bike rack that I know will be in place at the music venue.

The fender crusher
One thing I know for sure is that we will have a good time.  It is Bike Month here after all and what better way to spend a Friday evening than to have a fun bike ride and then sit right on stage with our city's orchestra?

Tickets are still available at:

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