Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Bittersweet Weekend

On a recent weekend the new southside community bike shop opened to great fanfare and a huge pent up demand for its services.  BikeWorks South as it is known to us who volunteer there had been closed for many months.
At BikeWorks North (the other community bike shop), every shift has been at capacity with folks wanting to fix bikes, buy bikes and rent bikes.  So it was with happiness and some relief that BWS opened its doors to the public.
BikeWorks North
This same weekend, the Edmonton cycling community learned of the tragic death of one of its young members.  A woman who last year went on a weekend bike ride to a nearby lake and instead of cycling back home, continued on and on.  We were all amazed by her determination as we watched her progress on Face Book.

Just by accident a couple of weeks later, I was working in Lake Louise and while pulling out of a parking lot early one morning, who do I see stopped at a stop sign, straddling her bike?  This very same cyclist with her small amount of gear strapped neatly to her rear pannier rack and looking fresh and strong.
In her memory
The varied experiences that life deals us every day are what make our lives so rich.  Just like light and dark, hot and cold, love and hate, there are two sides to life itself and this one weekend served those of us in the cycling community a dose of happiness and sadness.

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