Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strip One Build One

There's still lots of summer left and there are three big cycling events that are yet to come. On Thursday night, the MS Mountain Tour training begins in Terwilligar Park in preparation for the tour in Hinton in September, on Friday I leave with Roy for our "Tour De Couer D'Alene" in Idaho and last but not least there is the Kettle Valley Railway trip that begins right after Hinton.

A good part of the  weekend was spent in my basement where the temperature was ten degrees cooler than the upstairs part of the house.  That was after Friday's Critical Mass ride where a bunch of us rode the downtown streets, crossed the High Level Bridge and cruised down Whyte Ave.

My "bike shop" is downstairs and it was a busy time stripping down Furry Lewis to get him ready for a training ride that my daughter Jackie and I had planned for Sunday afternoon.  Most of the parts that came off Furry Lewis went onto the MOAB - the device to raise up the handlebars, the handlebar extensions, the hand-grips and the Spiderflex seat.

The MS Mountain Tour
My plan was to have the MOAB kitted out as it would be for the Idaho trip and make any adjustments during the week as I ride it to and from work.  Also, as a training aid, I wanted to fill the handle bar bag and the panniers with as much weight as possible so that I have several days to get used to a heavily - laden bike.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, there is nothing worse than loading up the bike with all the camping gear and discovering with the first pedal strokes that "HOLY S**T THIS BIKE WEIGHS A TON!!".

Mountain Tour training

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