Friday, July 6, 2012

Cross Seasons

Cycling to work this morning with the temperature sitting at 8 degrees Celsius (46 F), it felt more like the end of summer than the beginning of the summer season.  There was a heavy dew on the green lawns lining my commute route.  Parked cars had a thick sheen of condensation covering every window and I wished I had worn my long fingered cycling gloves.
The weather wasn't quite this bad
I feel your pain!
With my hands being a little bit cold, I got to thinking that I still needed to finish making the "Bar Mitts" that I had begun sewing last winter.  The pieces are still sitting in a heap in the basement and I'm reminded that they are finished every time I go downstairs.

The ride in this morning felt like fall riding and I chided myself with the thought that in the summer I need to plan for winter riding and winter is the best time to prepare for summer cycling.

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