Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bike Month Critical Mass

Just some of the souls on the ride

Crossing the High Level Bridge

What a perfect end to "Bike Month" here in our northern city.  The sun was shining and still very high in the sky and the riders who congregated at City Hall were dressed in their summer clothes.  In fact The Raving Bike Fiend and I were wearing the very same brown shorts.  When women discover they are wearing the same outfits it is cause for great concern but when men are dressed alike it is a time for admiring each others outfit and pointing out the fine features that made their purchase so necessary.

The leaders took us on a route that avoided Jasper Avenue and all its construction mess.  Taking over the bike/bus/taxi lane on 102 Avenue seemed a fitting thing to do on a Critical Mass ride.  When we turned down 109 Street toward the High Level Bridge, a message was passed down the line that we would only be taking over the right hand lane on the bridge instead of the two that are usually occupied on this monthly trek.

As we pulled into Gazebo Park after cruising down Old Strathcona's main drag, the acrid smell of marijauna smoke filled the air as a small group of individuals puffed the evening away.  None of us partook as we are high performance athletes and inhaling smoke would limit our abilities on our two wheel machines.  And if you believe that...

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