Thursday, March 22, 2012

SteamPunk Dreaming

Darryl over at Sanctuary suggested a few weeks ago that we have a SteamPunk Ride.  I didn't even know what SteamPunk was at the time.  I've googled the name and have some idea that it involves fantasy, science fiction and Victorian elements.

A SteamPunk bike

On Sunday, our daughter took us out for lunch at a charming restaurant called "The Clever Rabbit" and it was while eating the wholesome food they had prepared for us that we discussed in more detail the idea of a SteamPunk Ride. 

At first we thought that holding the ride on Father's Day would be ideal since Jackie and I have gone for a Father's Day bike ride for the last several years.  Then we remembered that we want to support the Ride for Autism on that day.  We have a friend with two autistic children and we enjoyed riding our bikes in support of that event last year.  Then we hit on the idea of having the ride during June, which is Bike Month here in our city.

Bikeology is the organization that organizes "Bike Month" and my contact there, Karly has given us an initial go-ahead to plan this ride so now all the questions arise - "How do we do this?  What route should we take?  Start at Sanctuary and end up at "The Clever Rabbit"?  We posed the idea to one of the sisters that owns the restaurant and she thought having the ride end at their establishment to be a great idea.  What restaurant wouldn't?

Just think of what we could do with this bike

Jackie and I have decided to use the tandem bike since it has such a distinctive look already and I'll rely very much on Jackie, Darryl and the staff at Sanctuary to help me with the "Look" and with punking up the bike.


  1. Ah, this idea has awesome written all over it.

    1. Hope to see you at the ride - sometime during Bike Month!

  2. The best steam punk bike build I have seen (on the internet, I've never seen any in the real world) is a folding bike I can't find the actual build journal but I did find a picture of it.