Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Party

You would expect volunteers at a community bike shop to ride their bikes to a party honouring their dedicated service.  And Friday night was no exception.  The party was held at the old log cabin that overlooks the scenic river valley.  The cabin itself is nestled beneath giant condo towers and when you enter the living room, the wide open design of the log walls and the cheery stone fireplace conjure up images of the wild frontier.
At the cabin

As cyclists pulled into the large yard that is protected by a tall fence, they could choose to go inside the cabin and cozy up to the crackling fire that Brett had so carefully made or saunter down to the blaze in the outdoor firepit.  For me it was easier to enjoy the fire in the fireplace as the roar from Bernadette's chainsaw  as it chewed through numerous wooden pallets would have disturbed my fireside reverie.

You've all had the experience of getting together with people you know and with whom you share common interests.  Talking to Rob about an article he wrote about Mordecai Richler's derogatory comments about our fair city or yakking with Kevin about his upcoming bike tour where he plans to start in the southern U.S. and ride north with spring.  Coreen wanted to show me a rugged camera that she had found near her property and Bernadette wanted to discuss the merits of camping overnight during one of the MS bike tours.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long at the old log cabin as I had to be up early to do my volunteer shift at the library (where it seems I'm the only one who rides a bike to get there).

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  1. Dang!I like a nice fire. I couldn't make it there myself as I had to be at work 6:00AM on Satuday.