Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bike Bike Everywhere a Bike Bike

It seems everywhere I look lately, I see references to bikes.

 I took a couple of bread bags out from under the kitchen counter and both bags had bikes on them. The bread itself was called Mack's Flax which reminded me of a joke from grade four.  "Did you hear what happened to Helena Rubenstein?  Max Factor."

I see a weekly magazine with a bike on the cover.  My daughter works at a curio shop (Sanctuary) where recently I saw a belt buckle with a retro bike embossed on it's surface.

I open the mail and there is a notice from the city about bike lanes.

All of this is either a sure sign of spring or evidence that the biking culture is gaining momentum in a place where "Car is King".

1 comment:

  1. Bikes ARE everywhere in media. If you look carefully they are showing up in lots of ads in the background. I think it's particularly hilarious/annoying when the automobile industry uses bikes in their ads. My wife may be getting tired of me bike spotting while we watch TV.