Friday, July 9, 2010

A Summer Commute

With "Ridin' the blinds" by Robert Lockwood Jr. (supposed son of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson) running through my head, and a beautiful 28 degrees outside, I started for home looking forward to the cool wind that riding my bike would generate.

Maybe the hot sun outside was affecting people in strange ways, but I came across two unusual happenings that made this commute different than most. While stopped at the light at 142 Street and Stony Road Plain, I heard the unmistakeable sound of "SCREEECH - BANNNNG!!" although I could not see the cause of that sound. When I made the curve just west of the intersection, there sprawled across the sidewalk was the fellow on the Cannondale road bike who had passed me earlier. A shocked looking woman was getting out of her car and traffic was beginning to back up behind her. "I'm alright! I'm okay!" the cyclist was shouting to reassure her. Another fellow at a bus stop asked in a loud voice "Do you want me to call an ambulance?!" I stopped to see if everyone was okay and when I glanced down at the bike, I noticed that it seemed okay too - no wheels looking like pretzels, no twisted handlebar. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what had just happened but thankfully everyone was okay.

Not far from there, and older gal rode passed me as I walked my bike across an intersection. It wasn't long before I passed her and before I could ring my bell, I observed that she was talking to herself in a loud voice and slapping herself across the arm. Maybe she was swatting a bug. At the next light, I walked my bike and she rode across the intersection and when the time came for me to ring my bell and pass her, I heard her berating herself and slapping her arm again. The best I could figure was that maybe she was trying to quit smoking and everytime she thought of having a dart, she would hit herself. Who knows? Again, perhaps it was the heat frying her brainpan.

One thing I do enjoy about bicycle commuting is finding stuff on the road. Like the Honda emblem pictured above. A few months ago I found a sweet bike tool and when I was in at United Cycle I discovered they wanted $20.00 for the same one! On the MS bike tour I found a bike chain that could be made into a bracelet. Any pop bottles/beer cans, I save and donate to charity - and believe me, especially on a Sunday morning, there are lots of cans and bottles to be had.

The rest of my commute was unevetful and I enjoyed the fine weather and the fact that I heard no more metal-crunching sounds or the slap-slap of someone hitting themselves!

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  1. Or maybe it is that other lady you used to pass who had terrets...