Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raised - Up Handlebars

My main bike is a mountain bike although I`ve converted it to be more of a hybrid. I`ve taken off my knobbies (and shaved a few minutes off my commute) and put on slicker tires that I bought at ``BikeWorks`` and I use a Satori ``HEADS UP`` handlebar adapter to raise up my handlebars.

I`ve ridden 1,900 km. so far this season with this configuration and my hands have only experienced a minor degree of numbness which I cured by lifting my each arm up to the sky for a few moments (one at a time I might add!). Even spending 12 hours in the saddle on the MS Tour was no problem.

You can see from the photo that this device lifts up the handlebars considerably and does it in a safe manner. You may have some experience raising up handlebars and have discovered that only so many spacers can be used on the stem and the Satori product is easy to install and negates the problem of needing more spacers.


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