Saturday, July 17, 2010

Raised - Up handlebars Con`t

I will tell you that I`m experiencing some difficulty in learning how to ``Bunny - Hop`` in preparation for the MS Mountain Tour in Hinton in September. And I think the problem is that my handlebars are too tall and I can`t seem to generate enough lifting power through the handlebars to clear obstacles.
In practising, I tried a good - sized log and ran into it as though I had hit a concrete curb. I went to a nearby park and tried a stick which I managed to snap in two as my front wheel descended. I tried an imaginary line to no avail.
So, my next step is to bring out ``Furry Lewis`` and use him for commuting and take the extender off the blue Trek which will lower the handlebars and perhaps allow me to begin to ``Hop`` over the smallest obstacle and also allow me a respectable finish instead of coming in last like I did in Hinton on my first Mountain Tour.

``Furry Lewis`` is my first serious new bike that I bought 5 - 6 years ago and have since replaced everything on it except for the seat post and the rear rim. I named him ``Furry`` after the old bluesman who was discovered in the 1960`s and he himself was well past retirement. (While reading the articles in PLAYBOY ((Sure!)), my brother Chris told me about the PLAYBOY article in which ``Furry Lewis`` was featured). And even though my silver Trek MTB is past retirement (20,000+ Kms.) he is still performing and while maybe not wowing crowds of young people like his namesake, he is still wowing me!

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  1. If you still need some technical help with bunny-hops, but a group of guys & gals of all ages (my hubby is in his forties but there are people in their 30s and 50s too) and abilities meet on Monday nights for a mtb ride. 6:30 at DaCapo cafe., if you're interested. My hubby Bruce leads the rides and he's been riding mtb for decades. I'm sure he'd be happy to offer any tips :)
    p.s. nice to have a new e-town blog to read!