Friday, June 8, 2012

MS Tour Prep

Handing in my $1,000.00 in donations and having the volunteers at the MS Society's office ring the bell signifying such a momentous event made me laugh with joy and it also riminded me how grateful I am to all those of you who have made a donation on my behalf.  ThankYou!

Of course there are still practical matters to deal with before the tour begins on Saturday.  Minor things like finally deciding which bike to ride.  After work, I'm going to take the Proctor Townsend home through the river valley and see how the gear package handles the long and steep climb up the McKinnon Ravine.  Road bikes as a rule don't climb very well and the tour has one long climb each day.
The Proctor Townsend

"Furry Lewis"  has a great gear package and the bike itself provides a very comfortable ride.  And it wouldn't be hard to put slicks on him and lots of air pressure to reduce the rolling resistance.  Aside from the gears, I want to take the PT because of its skinny tires and drop down handlebars in case of having to ride into the wind.
"Furry Lewis"

The latest weather forecast is for rain, so I think I'll take "Furry" since he has a pannier rack and I'll be wanting to sling a pannier full of rain gear onto the back of the bike.  So now it's a matter of swapping out the pedals off of the PT, oiling the chain, putting slicks onto Furry and then adding my participant number to the bike. I think I'm ready!

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