Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Bike Month!

Every June, our fine city declares the whole month "Bike Month" and for cyclists, there are a host of events planned to educate and entertain bikists of every stripe.
The sign says it all

This past Sunday I was invited to give a seminar on "Bikepacking" - what the organizers at Bikeology refer to as a "Salon".  My understanding is that a salon is where a number of like individuals meet to discuss a subject close to their hearts.`
A good number showed up

A good number of enthusiasts showed up at CREDO cafe (including my daughter who will be making her first trip this fall) and most of them wanted practical information on bicycle camping and we discussed what type of bike to use, what to wear and what to eat and mostly what to expect.  The kind and friendly people you'll meet and animals you're bound to come across.
One of our camps

As faithful readers of this blog, you'll be familiar with the stories I related (how I brought a beach towel on the first trip and wore pajamas to bed).  And being an ex-salesman, I had to include a pitch for the SteamPunk ride that we've planned and as an ambassador for the Adventure Cycling Association, I handed out magazines, bike decals ("I ride therefore I transam) and catalogues of their group bike tours.


  1. We just had bike month in May - I wonder if I kept moving from place to place, if it would always be bike month somewhere?