Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lookin' Good

Derek and Lisa hit it just right

An organized bike ride like Sunday's SteamPunk ride involves not only decorating your bike, but also dressing up to fit the theme.
Keith's bike with an authentic telescope
We planned the route so that we could parade around our main downtown square - as an added bonus, there was an art festival happening in the square and many visitors thought we were actors hired to wander around!
Lookin' the part

The weather was perfect for cycling - not too hot and not too windy.  We were encouraged to boogie to the Clever Rabbit to get indoors before the threatening clouds approaching from the southwest poured their contents onto our ride.
Just made it inside
Ideas are already floating through our minds about next year's ride - maybe changing the route so that we can ride through our city's recreated, historical village and have a picnic on its scenic grounds.
Good golly Miss Molly!

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