Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes We Have One Bandana

In my April 11th blog I mentioned the value of taking a bandana along while out biking and now I have found another use for that handy square piece of cloth.

After day one of the Tour and while preparing for the evening's banquet, I decided to wash my snazzy MS jersey so I could wear it on day 2.  During the ride from Nisku, I'd been wearing my MEC hydration pack and some perspiration had accumulated on my back and a good wash of the cycling shirt was necessary. This was all fine and dandy - but how to dry it?

Not wanting to drape the shirt over the hotel furniture, I opened the window and the roar of diesel pickups and the blamming of car exhausts filled the room. Ah!  Lovely rural Alberta!

I snagged one of the theft-proof wooden hangers from inside the closet - but how to hang up the shirt when the hanger has no hook?  Bandana to the rescue.  I tied a knot to the curtain rod  and using the same granny knot, tied the other end of the bandana to the metal post of the hanger.  And voila!  A do it yourself clothesline.  The line held the shirt at just the right height so that the exhaust - filled breeze could waft its way through the mesh fabric and dry this year's version of the MS jersey.
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