Monday, April 11, 2011

One Simple Item

Keeping the sun off
When it comes to accessories and items that you can take with you cycling, the list seems endless.  One item that weighs nearly nothing and doesn't take up much room is a bandana.  My cycling friend Richard uses a wet one under his helmet to cool himself off.  I use one around my neck - dry, it keeps my neck warm and keeps the sun off and when it is really hot, soaking it in water turns it into an air conditioner.

A couple of years ago when my cycling buddy Roy and I were climbing the KVR to the top of the "Paulson Pass" between Castlegar and Christina Lake, we happened upon raspberry bushes lining the trail.  Without dismounting, we gorged ourselves on the delicious berries and not wanting to stop too long since it was raining, there had to be a way of carrying the delicate fruit so that we could enjoy its crunchy, sharp flavours down the trail.  Hence the bandana basket.

The bandana basket
Prior to the MS Tour, my daughter had made a batch of her excellent fuel - packed "Cosmic Power Cookies" and wanting to keep my bike as light as possible, I had nowhere to store them since I had taken off my panniers.  The bandana basket to the rescue!  I was able to enhance my riding performance by dipping into the "basket" at frequent intervals to recharge my tired and hungry body.

On a dusty trail, a bandana is an excellent way to filter out grimy particles and wearing it across your face does give you that bandit look which can be helpful on a lonley trail in warding off any unfriendly backwoods locals.

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  1. This post is particularly useful for me, as I am CONSTANTLY on the lookout for new ways to carry more cookies with me. :)