Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This transition from winter to spring has its own challenges.  One of them being temperature control.  I took my mittens off to take a picture of some ice and even though I still had my full-fingered cycling gloves on, my hands began to freeze.  And yet when I got to my desk with my Timmy Ho's coffee and began to take off the many layers I wear, I noticed my neck was moist with sweat from wearing a neck tube.  Not wearing a packsack on my back since I use saddlebags, I was surprised to find my back somewhat damp with perspiration.  The hot black plasma I was sipping warmed my fingers but I found it necessary to take off my shoes to allow my feet to thaw.

I love breaking this stuff
While ice can be dangerous and I treat it with respect, I enjoy hearing the different sounds that riding on its surface can make.  Since I was a kid, I've looked forward to finding what I call plate ice.  This is the type of ice where the puddle begins to freeze over and as the water is still draining, a hollow is created.  As my tires roll over it it makes a resounding CRANCH! as it shatters.  Or you come across a small pool with a thin crust of ice on top and the tires make a ZIP ZIP sound as you cross over its surface.

When one rides a bike, it is necessary to pay attention all the time.  Not only is there traffic and pedestrians to watch for (both can be unpredictable) but add ice to the mix and a moment can't be lost to fantasizing about an upcoming bike trip or thinking about the hot coffee you are soon to enjoy.

A treacherous glaze of ice

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