Monday, June 20, 2011

It's A Foldey But A Goody

It looks like a toy next to Jackie and Ben's bikes
While visiting "Bikeworks" last week on a mission to break a chain for a friend, I nearly collided with a bike while looking for the light switch.  Once the shop was illuminated, I discovered to my surprise that the obstacle in front of me was a DAHON folding bike.  My brother calls this "manifestation" when what you've been wanting makes its appearance.  And I had mentioned to someone recently that I would add a folding bike to my ever-increasing collection of two-wheeled conveyances along with a tandem and another mountain bike.

I had the money in my pocket and after a quick inspection of the little bike and a short trip down the alley behind the shop to test it out, it was mine.  I couldn't believe my good fortune until I reminded myself that I was the one who made this happen.

Since last Monday, I've ridden it to "Mocktails on the Bridge", commuted to and from work and just yesterday took it to Gold Bar Park for a Father's Day ride with Jackie and Ben in aid of autism. Except for the rain, we had a wonderful little ride on paved trails and a number of people commented on this unusual little bike.  In fact there were quite a few young children riding tiny bikes and I fit right in with them.

This little gem is a riot to ride and fits perfectly in the trunk of my car (I don't even have to bother with the bike rack) and since it is so much fun to pedal that I've decided to give this new addition a fun name -



  1. Adrian... these are great little bikes and if it was not for the inherent risk of developing an advanced case of enplusoneitis would let you take my P20 for a spin... :)

    Biggest issue with these was and is the drive side crank and it's crappy folding system and the fact it weighs a ton... a bb conversion would allow for a square taper and a lighter alloy crank and probably knock 2-3 pounds off an already light bike.

  2. Right! I'm always interested in knocking off a few pounds:)

  3. Nice bike, want to show us how you fold it?

  4. Next time you're looking for a folding bike you should check out Montague. They have full-size wheels and ride great. I used to have a small-wheeled folder, but now I'll never go back. Also - v. impressed with your foldy puns.