Friday, May 24, 2013

A Bloomin' Good Time

Having had a great time visiting with relatives and working in the yard, I felt it was time on this holiday to go for a spin and see what I could see.  I've resurrected the MOAB and I wanted to try out a new insulated bag that fits on top of a pannier rack.  So in a very organized way I packed a lunch of sliced veggies and home-made coleslaw.  Topped off with trail mix that included lots of Brazil nuts.

The MOAB (instead of green, mine is black)
What I saw pleased me and made me also shake my head.  The pleasure came from smelling and photographing some of the millions of blooms gracing trees and bushes along my route.  I had to shake my head at the woman on her knees performing fellatio on a man standing erect (excuse the pun) in the front courtyard of a southside Anglican church celebrating its 100 anniversary.  It appears that wasn't the only thing being celebrated....

What is called a trunk bag

A friend from work recently sent me some pictures of a house on the fringes of Chinatown that has been decorated in a curious manner.  With the sun shining and the streets empty because of the holiday, I wanted to ride over and see for myself. Gracing a wrought iron fence is a metal fish the size of a child's swimming pool and the house itself is covered in anti-government slogans permanently etched onto stainless steel plates mounted to the home's exterior.  The scene reminded me very much of a similar tableau that my daughter and I witnessed near Rock Creek, British Columbia.

Near Rock Creek
The river valley trails were full of cyclists and others out enjoying the welcome spring weather and after 50 km of riding, I knew that I could enjoy a restful and well earned nap.  There's nothing better on a holiday than snoozing on the couch with the house quiet and a shaft of warm sunshine gracing your prone body.

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