Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We're going to Portugal in a couple of months and of course while there, I'll want to cycle.  From what little research I've done, it would appear that Portugal is an excellent place to bicycle.  Although in my research I found a photo of a fellow riding his bike underwater.  Only in Portugal you say?

From what I can gather, Lisbon, where we're going looks hilly, rather like San Fransisco.  A good workout with all those inclines.  It's easy to picture flying downhill at tremendous speed and then hitting a small rise and zooming through the air just like BULLET.

What could happen is that I'll ride around the countryside where there is little traffic and a lot of rustic scenery to admire.  With my luck, my bike will be chased down some country road by a flock of rabid sheep - very much like another photo I found while researching:

In fact, the most likely scenario is that I'll be a weenie and rent a bike to cruise slowly through a touristy part of town.  Not very risky and I'll have the satisfaction of once again riding a bike wherever I travel.

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