Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bonking Boris and the Big Bucks

Just recently it was announced that the city of London is planning on spending over a billion pounds in an effort to make that world city more bicycle friendly.  I contrast that with the fact that adding 25 km. of cycling routes in my city created a huge controversy.

As my cousin calls him, "Bonking Boris", the mayor of London has a new vision for that great city and wants to take London to a new level and perhaps even rival Amsterdam as a city of bikes.  While in my city, on the same week that the "Bonker" made his announcement, it was decided that the plan for a third (8km.) of the proposed bike routes be sent back to the transportation department for further study.  Which I understand is a euphemism for cancelling the said route.

There could be another factor at play here.  When comparing the two mayors, how much they spend on cycling may be connected somehow to their hair.  The mayor who wants to increase cycling has copious amounts of hair and the mayor who doesn't want much cycling is pretty much bald.  Even with the expanded cycling infrastructure in London, maybe cycling there will stil be a hair-raising experience.

The Hairy Bonker
No Hair - Raising in my city

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