Friday, December 28, 2012

Even Though I Have Posted A Year - End Blog...

For the cyclist, Christmas is always a great time to receive bike related gifts and this year was no exception.  A friend from work gave my a bicycle bell whose inscription I really enjoyed:

Dring! Dring!

My son Chris and his lady Erin gave me a bike repair manual that had an appropriate bumper sticker tucked into its pages:

Above my desk at home I have a small collection of metal badges mounted with magnets onto an earthy brown, 1970's fridge door and I get a kick out of adding cycling themed badges to the collection:

A funky belt buckle gives me joy whenever I see it on the fridge door (I like it too much to wreck it by wearing it):

  We had a Secret Santa gift exchange at work and I was given a cute wooden picture frame with several hand drawn  bicycles painstakingly sketched onto individual frames.  I was touched by how much effort my friend expended to give me such a thoughtful gift:
Not exactly as shown
As a cyclist, I can look forward to using the MEC gift card my daughter and cycling buddy Jackie gave me - perhaps a picture of the cycling shoes I'll buy there will appear some time in 2013...

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