Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Great Year of Cycling

Snobby riders in the park
Early in the year I had the pleasure of being in London with a few days to myself and since I try to ride a bike in whichever city I find myself, I rented one in Hyde Park and pretty much had that historic place to myself.

North of the river pub
I've burned a few brain cells since the first group ride of the year took place, but if I'm not mistaken, it was somewhere around St. Patrick's Day.  Brett, the Raving Bike Fiend, Coreen Wholesomefun and I did some pub hopping on both sides of the river that neatly cuts a diagonal from southwest to northeast in our city.

Jerusalem loungers
A few months later, I managed to convince a small group of young Jerusalem residents that by lending me one of their bikes, they could earn some easy schekels while I had a quick ride around the park where I found them lounging around.

The wet MS Bike Tour
The MS Tour in June: the first day of the tour was nice and sunny, but the second day saw 1,500  out of 2,000 plus riders being bussed to the finish line because of a severe thunderstorm warning.
Critical Mass
June is Bike Month is our neck of the woods - so there are any number of cycling events to participate in - seminars, bike-in movies, bicycle commuter breakfasts and free bike repair stations set up in prime cycle commuter locations.  The Bike Month Critical Mass ride is the biggest one of the year.

SteamPunk Ride
Bike Month also offered our city's first SteamPunk Ride which was a huge success - fine weather for most of the ride and an opportunity to saunter around a festival in the downtown core (the above picture is Keith sauntering around).
A "Relaxed" couple

 My cycling partner Roy and I did the "Route of the Coeur D'Alenes" and the "Route of the Hyawatha" in northern Idaho - a cycling trip the Adventure Cycling Association calls "Relaxed".

September saw the second MS Tour - the Hinton Mountain Tour where the MOAB needed an overdue overhaul.  At the last check stop with only 15 kilometers left to negotiate, the mechanic from United Cycle installed the proper gears for mountain biking and a new chain.  (Making the last 15 k. a breeze and the next trip a lot easier).
Jackie signing in at Mile Zero

My second bikepacking adventure was on familiar ground - the Kettle Valley Railway in south central British Columbia - with my daughter Jackie riding with me and my wife Janet driving the Flaggin' Wagon (the support vehicle which can give you and your bike a ride if your energy flags).
Snowy bike lanes
It was just my imagination but it seemed that we had just gotten home from the hot Okanagan area when it began to snow and the temperature plunged down to limb - numbing minus numbers and it was necessary to put on extra layers to be able to commute comfortably.
One of the many sights

The last group ride of the year was the night-time Jingle Ride which saw a collection of winter cyclists scooting around both sides of the North Saskatchewan River to absorb the sights and sounds of our city's Christmas displays.  We ended the ride while having the Legislature ice rink all to ourselves and enjoying some fortified hot chocolate in the heated shack.

All in all another great year of cycling!


  1. Hooray for another great year of cycling!I'm honored to make a photographic appearance your year in review.

    I wasn't able to go to the Jingle Ride as I am at Bikeworks North on Thursday nights.Where was that last photo from?

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