Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tours Seven Months Hence

Even though it is still only November, I just registered for the MS Bike Tours which take place in June and next September.  Logging onto the MS website was easy enough and the site is tastefully loaded with pictures from the tours and brief descriptions of each ride.
One lady is riding a GIANT bike but it doesn't look all that big to me.

Looking at the above picture closely, I can't tell if these people are smiling or grimacing.  The hill is on day one of the Hinton Mountain Tour and is the first real incline of the day. When cycling toward it, you can be easily fooled into thinking that it doesn't look all that steep.  And that is because you are approaching the hill by ripping down a slope towards a bridge at easily 45 km./hr..  Then the incline after the bridge slows your bike so fast that you are almost catapulted over your handlebars.
Everyone in the above picture looks like they are having a swell time.  Waving and smiling.  Good times.  But if you look at the picture carefully, you'll notice that they are all wearing mittens.  And this is in June!  Also the second rider from the left has his/her head down.  Not a good sign.  Sure, they're probably looking down to see what gear they are in, but the clever producers of this website want you to believe.....
Niagara Tour
I like the look of the Niagara Tour.  The start line is also the finish line.  So by placing your bike on the start line and pedaling far enough to turn around, you can cross the finish line in less than a minute.

The generic tour

The MS Tour website lists 22 different tours taking place around the country but they use one photo to illustrate 7 of the tours - Sussex to Saint John, Windsor to Wolfville, Fraser Valley, two in Manitoba and two in Saskatchewan one of which includes a place called Waskesiu which I think is pronounced Wask Ka Soo.  I think I'll change my registration to one of the tours with the generic pictures.  Looking at the photo, it appears the tour is downhill, the riders are well spaced out and I have a cycling jacket that I could bring with me to stay warm.  It will be June after all.

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