Friday, November 30, 2012

That Jingly Feeling All Over Again

According to a new posting on FB, there is going to be another Jingle Bike Ride and it's in a couple of weeks.  Last year's Jingle Ride was a lot of fun and I got to stay up way past my bedtime!
Candyass - I mean Candy Cane
Last year, I went overboard (not!)  - I decorated my bike in a candy cane motif and the bear bells on my pedals were a nice touch to my two wheeled sleigh.
Ice skating at the Legislature

Part of the Jingle Ride includes ice skating but in the heated changing shack no one was available to tie up my skate laces so I had to settle for skidding around the slick surface of the Legislature rink on my boots.  My friends looked like they were having a lot of fun playing "Whip the Snake" and their exuberance attracted a conga line that rivalled any I'd seen at a wedding.
They announced that the ride was "Leisurely" but once we hit Whyte Avenue, those "Leisurely" riders were Movin'!  I watched  cyclist Bret on his fixie pedaling like mad along the flat avenue but later, coasting down the spiral  ramp of an empty parking garage, he had to put his feet up on his handlebars to make sure his feet didn't get sliced and diced on the way down.

The announcement of the Jingle Ride might just keep me awake in the nights leading up to the big event - just like Christmas used to do when I was a kid - before I got hooked on cycling.

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