Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Proctor Townsend

The new addition
A PT.  A Proctor Townsend.  Made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  By a Mr. Proctor and a Mr. Townsend (oddly enough).  I said goodbye to Mississippi 'Red this morning and took possession of this fine hand made bike.  It's not a lot different than Mississippi 'Red but it is a jazzed up version and has Proctor/Townsend logos all over it.  Call me neurotic, but if I'm going to be a proud owner/rider of a Proctor Townsend, then I want it plastered all over my bike.

Alex at Bikeworks did point out that the handle bars will need replacing since these ones are steel.  I'll want to take off the rat trap pedals and replace them with my SPD's.  The pink polka-dotted seat will have to go - I'll be putting on the Spiderflex when this baby hits the road in spring-time.  As well, I stripped the mid-line brakes levers off of Mississippi 'Red and will be putting them on what I think I'm going to call Mississippi Too.

My brother asked me if owning this bike makes me a Proctologist?*&^%$#@!


  1. Ooh - so you got the Proctor Townsend! You have no idea how tempted I was by it. In the end, I decided that Mercier was all the road bike I need, and that I don't need a hand-built frame with campy components, considering I'm still learning how to ride in drops.

    Enjoy that beast! It's a rare day that a bike so fine comes into BW.

  2. I'm very much looking forward to riding it - especially on the MS Tour to Camrose. My commutes to work are a lot shorter when I use a road bike and this one looks like it will be a fast ride. I'm going to install mid-line brakes so that I ride in a more upright position - I don't get on the drops all that often - I find that position too cramped.

  3. Hi, I recently bought a bike at the Edmonton Bike Swap, and was looking up on the net more info about Proctor Townsend when this link came up. I believe that (THIS?!- could it be?) is the bike I purchased on Saturday! If so I would love to hear your thoughts on the bike and any improvements you believe would be helpful- I'm already in love with it and hope to take it on many long distance bike trips this summer. Cheers!