Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Ride of 2011

With the temperature hovering near zero, there was nothing so pressing in my life that I couldn't go for a long bike ride.  The recent freezing rain left a glossy coating of ice on every surface but was no match for my studded tires.  Although I must confess that I almost lost it near the Antique Mall when I cut my front wheel too tightly to make way for a determined and focused shopper.
Shopper induced skid mark

The view of the emerald green water flowing underneath the High Level was a sight for sore eyes since the river is often the colour of a double double.  The fact that a subway train was stopped on the LRT bridge was just icing on the cake.
The view from up top

The bear bells were still attached to the pedals of my winter bike from the Jingle Ride and their sound seemed to upset every dog that I passed - especially the three I  in a scat and snow covered lawn.  I pass these dogs twice a day normally and they never let out a peep.
Excited by bear bells?

I take encouragement wherever I find it and when I passed an old dude whose lighted cigarette only deepened the nicotine stains on his already coloured moustache, his declaration of "YEAH - HAW!" helped send me on my way and seemed to portend that 2012 is going to be a year to remember.

Have a great New Years!

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