Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Morning After

It is always an interesting exercise to have experienced an event and then read about it the morning after in the paper.  There have been lots of times when I've had to ask myself "Are they talking about the same hockey game?".  "I don't remember that happening on July 1st!". 

A recent example was the "Ride to Shakespeare" to watch a performance of Othello.  I must admit that I went more for the ride than the actual play.  I haven't seen a Shakesperian play since my parents used to take the whole fambily to Stratford every summer.  The highlight for my twin brother and I would be intermission when some old doll smelling strongly of violets would spy we two little boys dressed identically in miniature suits and after gushing about how cute we were, hand us a quarter which we would then spend on  ice cream cones when our father wasn't looking.

At the beginning of the play, I was convinced that Desdemona's pauses were to disguise having forgotten her lines.  My suspicions were confirmed when I looked to the other actors on stage and observed the pleading looks in their eyes - praying that she wouldn't stumble as she had so many times in rehearsal. " There's a theater reviewer in the crowd for God's sake.  Don't blow it on opening night!"

The ride itself was a lot of fun - riding in a group is more entertaining than riding alone.  We were serenaded by Chris who had attached a large speaker to his pannier rack and was playing a combination of music and poetry.  Chris made sure that he rode in the lead so that the music and words would wash over us as we cycled to the park.

The serenading set-up

Just like Coreen's pictures
This is the first time I've tried taking photos while actually pedalling and after some practise, I'm sure that I won't be swerving all over the bike path as though I was riding under the influence (that possibility existed when I discovered that beer and wine were sold at the theatrical venue).  I've seen blogger/bike mechanic/cyclist Coreen take pictures while riding and thought I'd try the same and if you visit her blog you'll see that her photographic efforts are superior to mine - perhaps she doesn't drink?


  1. Good luck practicing your camera skills Adrian. You can always practice dribbling a basket ball while riding the shop's unicycle, I bet your shots will be a lot more steady after mastering that. Or of course, don't. I would fear for your life!

    See you at the shop sometime in the future (friend's wedding this weekend and church camp two weeks after...) good things but unfortunate timing!


  2. Thanks Haydn. I have ben looking at those unicycles and thinking I want to try one:)

  3. Awww, thanks for the props.
    The biggest secret I've found to taking pics while riding is to ride ahead, point the camera backwards and take lots of pictures (the blind shotgun method). This way you aren't distracted by looking through the viewfinder while riding, and I like pics of people's faces more than pictures of their bottoms. For every good photo, there's several dozen not so good ones.