Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unicycle MTB

That's not me

I scared the crap out of my cycling friend Roy the other day when we went mountain biking on the trails at Terwilligar Park.  I really should have given my friend a heads-up as he found it pretty "exciting".  I thought he would figure things out when I was busy in the basement taking the handlebar "horns"  off my bike as well as the rear pannier rack.  Strippin' that baby down.  While Roy watched, I really should have suggested that he get his Schwinn MOAB and do the same.

It wasn't that long ago that my daughter and I joined our first MS Mountain Tour training at Terwilligar and I found it pretty "Exciting" as well.  Jackie was riding her touring bike and found it almost impossible to navigate the roots and rough terrain.  Let alone doing it at speed.  Our instructor Al, was tearing up the trail and by default, I ended up being behind him and was very surprised at his speed.  No wonder experienced MTB'ers like Al find the MS Mountain Tour to be an entry - level experience.

It was on our way back to the parking lot that we happened across a mountain biker on a unicycle.  Part of me wanted to scoff at the very notion but part of me thought "Here's a new way to experience the outdoors!"  The fellow doing the MUni didn't quite make it up the short slope he was on and I saw no shame in him walking back down the trail.  I mean it's hard enough to unicycle let alone mountain bike with it and do so without the aid of gears.  So helmets off to this guy!

The unicycle itself appeared to have a handle sticking out of the front and now I realise it was simply the brake apparatus hanging off the seat post.  I imagine the next innovation will be either disc brakes or shocks for the one - wheeled bike.

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  1. I don't know if it's quite as fancy as the unicycle, but I recently saw a Montague folding bike out on the trails - at first I just thought it was just a monotube mountain bike, but then I saw the guy at the trail head fold it and put it in his trunk. From what I could tell, it looked like really great ride.